Importing data into Microsoft Excel

Importing Data into Microsoft Excel

Importing data into Microsoft Excel can be the quickest and easiest way to allow you complete data analysis and report production as spreadsheets contain many tools for analyzing and manipulating data. The trouble is much of the data companies need to analyze resides in company databases or on the Internet. So, after finding the required data, you may have to cut and paste them into a spreadsheet. This laborious and error-prone process is particularly troublesome if you are obliged to repeat it monthly or more frequently.

We have worked with many companies using data from legacy systems or commonly used business systems – we design a process to import data into Microsoft Excel and then create automated dashboards and automated monthly updates using the data collected.

Importing data into Microsoft Excel

The benefit of having the reports created in Excel is the ease to which you can apply changes as the business demands it – not so easy to change report design in many of the off the shelf or bespoke designed business systems.

This article will demonstrate not only how to automate data retrieval from a database on your own PC, but also from a database on your company’s network server and from one residing on the Internet.

The following examples will use Excel 2007 and Windows commands. Earlier versions of Excel have similar data access features, but their commands differ greatly from those of Excel 2007. Later versions of Excel are, in the main, compatible with the examples.

Note that the screenshots in this article are of maximised windows. The appearance of any of the illustrated screens will vary slightly if viewed through windows that are not maximised.

Have a look at the article and see how you can automate data retrieval by importing into Microsoft Excel – it will be worth the time taken now to understand how to create the automation as when you come to your regular updates the time to create updated reports without the need for timely cut and paste routines could save you hours !

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