Monthly Report Service


Monthly Report Service

You have the data and now you need to make sense of it.

Monthly reporting should be simple and straight forward. However, data in separate locations, copy and pasting between files and data in different formats can make what should be simple into a chore.

Monthly reports should be produced in a matter of seconds because your time is best spent acting on the data not collecting and formatting it.

Gilding and Co.’s monthly reporting service is how you can achieve this. Gilding and Co will manage your reporting requirements. We will offer suggestions on how you can improve output to better understand the data and make the reports look professional and polished. The reports are sent as PDF files. This means the recipient does not need to have Excel or know anything about Excel. They can receive the files and view at any time on any PC or mobile device.

Our monthly reporting service will monitor your data for anomalies and recommend, where appropriate, different ways of displaying your monthly report.

Your monthly reports will be custom built designed, updated and distributed to your key stakeholders each month on time and in budget. Gilding and Co will design the system using Excel automation to increase accuracy and minimise update time, we can design different reports for different user groups.  The choice is yours.

Our Monthly Report Service will give you the peace of mind that your management reports will be delivered quickly and efficiently to all users. Reports that are accurate and will provide you with the insight you need to make your business more efficient, more effective and have the impact you need.

Utilising Excel automation techniques we can ensure that your reports are created quickly and efficiently. Take the stress out of producing your monthly reports call Gilding and Co today and enquire about our monthly reporting service.



  • It has been a pleasure working with Gilding & Co over the past 18 months.  Not only are they responsive, getting our reports delivered each month on time without us asking, but they have also alerted us when other elements in the process are not working. It’s nice to hand off an assignment and know that it will be taken care of with little management on our side. As this is a high profile project with our top customer, it’s important to me that Gilding and Co represents our company in the best light possible as they are in essence an extension of our team.  In addition, Gilding and Co have been instrumental in helping us find ways to improve upon our current process by listening to our needs and recommending new ways the project can be approached.
    Denise Scarpelli - International Sr. Marketing Manager Legrand North America

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