Legacy System Data Extraction

What the text books say –

A legacy system is an old method, technology, computer system, or application program. The term “legacy” may have little to do with the size or age of the system.

Although the term is most commonly used to describe computers and software, use of the word legacy as an adjective may also describe human behaviours, methods, and tools.

The legacy system may or may not remain in use. For a variety of reasons, a legacy system may continue to be used. It may be that the system still provides for the users’ needs, even though newer technology or more efficient methods of performing a task are now available. The decision to keep an old system may be influenced by economic reasons such as return on investment challenges or vendor lock-in, the inherent challenges of change management, or a variety of other reasons other than functionality.

The effect on business intelligence and operational reporting can be significant. A legacy system may include procedures or terminology which are no longer relevant in the current context, and may hinder or confuse understanding.

What Gilding & Company say –

For many companies running a  “legacy system” involves extensive use of Copy / Paste procedures. More than a few times we have seen staff spending hours, sometimes days every month producing a report that could all be done in a matter of seconds at the click of a button.

Multiple spreadsheets linked together that over time have lost cohesion and are now not fit for purpose are commonplace. If you are unlucky enough to have systems that only one member of staff can understand then annual leave can be costly to the company operations.

It’s not a criminal offence to have spreadsheets that are past their best before date, but to be competitive in today’s market systems like this really could benefit from updating.

Remember too, that a legacy system may not be a system you use, but the way you use it.


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