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What the text books say –

Remote consultancy is an innovative solution for assisting business where full-scale, on-site consulting projects are not an appropriate or viable solution. With remote consulting, clients get access to a professional consulting team at a lesser cost than that of a traditional on-site project.


What Gilding & Company say –

Remote Excel Consultancy = Flexibility. True, costs are reduced, but it is more than that. With PC to PC screen sharing now widely available in video conferencing software available from numerous providers, most of which are provided free, it is simplicity itself to “call a meeting” hundreds of miles apart. Time saved travelling can be dedicated to creating the solution that will enhance the business. You don’t even have to leave your desk. We can provide Excel consultancy for a large project, taking all of the work off your hands or we can be “on call” when you need us for smaller items of Excel or Access work. Very often, especially in larger organisations, there are experts in-house but more often than not they cannot start a project or help you when you need them to because of existing workload. We can be available to help you when this situation arises, starting your project or work when you need us to.
We also offer a Monthly Report Service ; you provide us with your data and we will do all of the processing and formatting specifically for you. The analysis outputs that you choose (charts, tables, rankings etc.) can then be sent via PDF output by email.

Remote Excel consultancy is the way forward and what’s more it’s the green option too

  • We have used Gilding and Company as our Excel consultancy of choice for nearly four years and they have continued to impress with their swift response times and quick turnaround. Having Gilding and Company on standby whenever we have needed them has without doubt helped our internal staff to meet deadlines and improve the quality of service to our customers.  
    Karl Lumbers - Loss Prevention Director - Thomas Miller UK P&I

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