What Excel expert services do we offer ?

Using the powers of Excel and/or Access we offer a selection of Excel expert services that take data and turn it into more than just rows and columns we can turn it into something precious and extremely valuable which can increase your business intelligence …… read more

Remote consultancy

Excel Consultancy

Affordable help when you need it

Outsource an Excel project or simply cover a skill set shortage within your business – use our Excel expert services

We can work with you on specific projects, short term or long time contracts without having to be in your office. You may have an Excel problem with no-one able to help you within your business due to lack of time, maybe you need help with Excel reporting or general data management but no resource available at the moment to help ? With PC to PC screen sharing now widely available from numerous providers, most of which are provided free, it is simplicity itself to “call a meeting” hundreds of miles apart-allowing any project or supporting work to be completed with minimum of disruption to your busy daily schedule.

Remote Excel consultancy is the way forward and what’s more it’s the green option too


Excel refinement and automation

Excel Automation

Creating savings in both time and money

Excel automation is stunningly powerful and can significantly improve your productivity

Excel automation is what turns Excel from being a great product into a brilliant product. Tucked away in the background behind Excel is something called VBA or Visual Basic for Applications. This is a programming language that allows you to instruct Excel what to do in very fine detail and can automate process and routines that would otherwise take hours, perhaps days to complete. Excel refinement includes taking existing Excel workbooks and making them more efficient and wherever possible reducing file size. Perhaps you have moved to Excel 2010 and your Excel 2003/2007 workbooks have now doubled in file size and don’t work so efficiently ? We can help, we can automate and refine your current Excel reporting to make it work faster and more efficiently. We can create stunning management report outputs and dashboard reports for view on tablets or iPads and automate the email process to distribute them with a simple click on a button ! Automating reports improves accuracy and saves time.


Bespoke System Design

Excel System Design

The best solution for business process

Bespoke design is not something to be afraid of, it simply means getting what you want when you need it

The problem with off the shelf software is that it is engineered to suit “most people’s”  needs. The result is that most systems contain far too much detail or are overly complicated to use.  Another significant problem is a lack of reporting options and flexibility in reporting output  which makes it difficult to do anything with your data. Designing your own system using software you already have and your users are familiar with is a real bonus. Excel reporting that is designed to meet your specific requirements is a powerful tool indeed. We can take a collection of your current Excel spreadsheets and create an automated totally bespoke system or dashboard report that meets your needs. Alternatively we can start from scratch with a project brief and design a system that works seamlessly and can be managed without costly maintenance contracts.


Data Analysis And Business Reports - Excel Reporting

Data Analysis & Business Reports

Enhancing your decision making

Understanding the stresses and strains on your business, large or small, will help you be more competitive and successful

Data analysis doesn’t have to be complex to achieve results. If you want to decide on a sales, marketing or any business strategy use the data you have collected and analyse it. This will provide answers which can be used to drive your strategies to move you forward and bring more success. A typical Excel dashboard report can bring together data from various sources to give you an easy to use, informative report that can help drive your strategy planning. We can extract your data from finance systems such as SAGE and other in-house systems to create Excel or Access Dashboard style reporting that shows you crucial information in a format that you can easily understand and manage yourself. Another example; Market Research will provide you with many answers to your carefully planned questions, but how do you review and display the collection or responses ? An automated Excel file can take your data and turn it into a report you can easily interrogate on the fly and share well-presented results with your staff – a definite benefit to crucial decision making. .


Data Cleansing & De-duping

Data Cleansing & De-duping

Refining data – making it more valuable

The old adage “rubbish in, rubbish out” is as true today as it’s always been, however today we have techniques to recycle your rubbish

Data cleansing removes stress from your life.  Data that is incomplete, irregular or variable is very difficult to interpret and can significantly skew the results of any analysis. Removing duplicates and inconsistencies produces a clean data set that can be easily filtered and accurately manipulated to produce meaningful results. Perhaps you have data in an obsolete system and want to use part of the data ? By completing a data extraction and a clean up of your old data some of it can become useful once more.


Legacy System Data Extraction

Legacy System Data Extraction

Recycling and re-using data

More than a few times we have seen a client spending hours, sometimes days every month producing a report that could be completed in a matter of seconds with the simple click of a button

Very often using a Legacy system involves extensive use of Copy / Paste procedures within an Excel spreadsheet or collection of spreadsheets. Sometimes even trying to get data out of a Legacy system or an existing system, such as Sage, to do anything with it proves exasperating.  It’s not uncommon for us to find clients with staff spending more time on producing a report than they need to. With a little help from us data from obsolete or legacy systems can still be used simply and easily , designed to populate existing or new reports from a simple button click