Excel Automation – Improve efficiency and accuracy

An interesting article which looks into automating your enterprise to improve productivity. Excel Automation is a superb way to automate data processing and report production and with most businesses already owning the Microsoft Excel software needed the cost to complete an Excel automation project can see you return your project investment costs swiftly.

A common set of business activities with potential to be heavily automated and that are carried out across nearly every industry are back-office tasks – the grunt work of wrangling and manipulating data, be it shunting financial information between systems or swapping business information with other people.

A good deal of the data entry and data processing work across all industries could be automated — some 60 percent, according to a recent report by McKinsey.

“There are a huge number of people in back office functions in most corporates doing things that really are monotonous, repetitive, highly rules-based and not really using any of their thought, judgment or cognition,” said Redwood’s Kinson.

“We have this notion that our job [as automation specialists] is actually not to take the humans out, it’s actually to take the robots out of the humans, so that they can actually turn their back on the slow manual, error-prone stuff that gets in the way of their productivity.”

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