Amazing Excel Spreadsheet Animation

Amazing Excel Spreadsheet Animation

Wow – Give this amazing Excel spreadsheet animation a look when you get the chance.

Excel is a powerful tool used in most business environments. From our experience with Excel we know that most users barely scratch the surface of Excel’s functionality. We are a company who spends every day designing using Excel and we still continually come across new features and helpful functionality when we are working on new projects and exploring different options for our designs.

I’m not sure we have ever managed something quite as spectacular as this however.This video clip from Joe Penna, also known as MysteryGuitarMan on YouTube, gives a whole new meaning to Excel spreadsheets ! In this music video from 2012 he made the stop-motion animation entirely in Excel, and it ultimately went viral.

amazing excel spreadsheet animation

Something to consider trying when you are faced with a blank Excel page and time on your hands perhaps ?

Joe Penna – Amazing Excel spreadsheet animation :