Case Study: Novartis Pharmaceuticals


Sales versus Target calculations are commonplace in many organisations. Novartis wanted to take this a step further. Their “Ready Reckoners” were updated each month with sales figures which were then extrapolated to the end of the bonus period. Bonus payments were calculated and rankings created. Sales personnel could change a number of parameters to see how their bonus payments would be affected.

The net result was that the sales force received the figures on time, were empowered to determine what small changes would make to their overall performance and head office time was freed up.

In another part of the organisation the Oncology and Transplant Sales teams were in need of  business intelligence support.  We provided in house and remote support by visiting their offices on one or two days each week and working from our offices for another two days each week building reports that could be handed back for automated regular update and creating a suite of reports to track and analyse the regular monthly business for each team.

In the absence of available employees to service the specialist sales team areas of the business our remote consultancy solution worked a treat.