Case Study: Fleet Street Financial

Fleet Street Financial Excel System


If there is one thing that is not simple to most of us it is financial investments. Fleet Street Financial know their stuff and cater for wealthy clients who like to have options when it comes to preparing for retirement. The brief was “simple”, these are the investment types design me a calculator that allows for multiple scenario asset management.

This was a completely bespoke design for a very specific niche market. Off The Shelf packages were simply not appropriate or inflexible for the company’s needs. It’s fair to say we learnt a great deal about portfolio management in the design process, but the brains at Fleet Street needed to invest their time in managing portfolios not crunching numbers.

The Calculator enabled staff to manage client’s expectations efficiently during face to face meetings without blinding them with science.

" Throughout our dealings with Gilding & Co  (stretching  a timespan of 2 years) Guy has had the ability to grasp extremely complex requirements and translate the same into a robust platform which have yet to let us down. Not only have our requests been met in full but also on time and within budget. Furthermore, his thorough understanding of the subject matter has enabled him to suggest tackling other peripheral issues in ways we just hadn’t conceived."  
Julian Morgan - Partner Fleet Street Financial