Case Study: Harwoods Group

Harwoods Excel System

When it comes to keeping track of stock or people’s expenses the data you have at your disposal is rarely pretty. Staff tend to have variable amounts of expenses, stock changes on a daily basis, hopefully! More often than not though, you will want to see all this data refined down into its basic form.

How do you take pages and pages of data and turn it into a meaningful management report in a matter of seconds?   You click a button.

Harwoods have entrusted us with several projects managing their data, mostly taking the raw data from other systems and transforming it into reports used by senior management on a daily basis. Tasks that would have taken days to complete each month are now completed in minutes. Added to this the systems can also create bespoke output for meetings and ad hoc requests.

Net result, more time, better knowledge, growing company.

"Gilding & Co have worked closely with us and listened to our needs, adapting and changing to our business requirements.  Gilding & Company have undoubtedly helped us to make even better  use of our data helping us to achieve a competitive advantage, save time and reduce costs.”
Paul Suter - Group Finance Director Harwoods Group