Excel system designs made to fit business process

Excel System Designs made to fit business process.

We have designed many, many systems using Microsoft Excel by either modifying and automating existing Excel files used by our client or by starting with the scary bank page and starting from scratch.

One of the most important factors we have established with time and experience is that the design of your system must clearly and seamlessly flow with your chosen business process.  If it doesn’t there is a very large chance that your system will not be accepted and used efficiently – or worst case it won’t be used at all !

It sounds so logical, but you would be surprised by how many large , successful businesses waste precious time and investment by not taking necessary time in the early development stages of system design.

So – to ensure your Excel system design will help to save time and fit into all of the possible business processes that you encounter in your business flow take some time to create a business process model. Your Excel development will benefit greatly and the chance of hassle-free adoption by the users will be much more likely.

Simple Ordering Process Model

Excel system designs made to fit business process


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