Your Excel Reporting or Data Problems Resolved by Excel Experts


Excel reporting not working effectively?

Urgent project to finish but insufficient resources or time?

Need to automate time consuming manual process?

Need an Excel Expert consultant?

Existing systems not fit for purpose?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions we can help. Gilding & Company have been assisting companies large and small to overcome their Microsoft Excel reporting or data management problems since 2001.

We understand that your time is precious and that if you decide to outsource your development you want it completing quickly, on time and within budget.

We know that you want initial consultations to be free and to maintain control over your project after it is completed without costly maintenance agreements.

Whatever you want to achieve we can help. Contact us today, the solution is just a button click away.


What data refinement and Excel services do we offer ?

Using the powers of Excel we offer a selection of Excel expert services that take data and turn it into more than just rows and columns we can turn it into something precious and extremely valuable which can increase your business intelligence and business effectiveness.


Remote consultancy

Excel consultancy

Without skills in house sometimes you will need the services of an Excel expert. We offer a flexible and efficient Excel consultancy service and with PC to PC screen sharing now widely available from numerous providers, most of which are provided free, it is simplicity itself to call a meeting or conduct training when you’re hundreds of miles apart.
Remote Excel consultancy is the way forward and what’s more it’s the green option too


Excel refinement and automation

Excel Automation

Excel automation is what turns Excel from being a great product into a brilliant product. Tucked away in the background behind Excel is something called VBA or Visual Basic for Applications. This is a programming language that allows you to instruct Excel what to do in very fine detail at the push of a button.
Automating time consuming Excel processes saves time and improves accuracy


Bespoke System Design

Bespoke Excel System Design

The problem with off the shelf software is that it is engineered to suit “most people’s”  needs. The result is that most systems contain far too much detail or are overly complicated to use.  Another significant problem is a lack of reporting options and flexibility in reporting output  which makes it difficult to do anything with your data


Data Analysis & Business Reports

Data Analysis & Business Reports

Data analysis doesn’t have to be complex to achieve results. Ask a simple question and the results will invariably raise more questions, more analysis and better knowledge. Understanding the stresses and strains on your business, large or small, will help you to be more competitive and successful.


Legacy System Data Extraction

Legacy System Data Extraction

Very often using a Legacy system involves extensive use of Copy / Paste procedures within an Excel spreadsheet or collection of spreadsheets. Sometimes even trying to get data out of a Legacy system to do anything with it proves exasperating.  It’s not uncommon for us to find clients with staff spending hours, sometimes days every month producing a report that could all be done in a matter of seconds at the click of a button


data cleansing

Data Cleansing & De-duping

Data cleansing removes stress from your life.  Data that is incomplete, irregular or variable is very difficult to interpret and can significantly skew the results of any analysis. Removing duplicates and inconsistencies produces a clean data set that can be easily filtered and accurately manipulated to produce meaningful results.


What our clients say about us

  • It has been a pleasure working with Gilding & Co over the past 18 months.  Not only are they responsive, getting our reports delivered each month on time without us asking, but they have also alerted us when other elements in the process are not working. It’s nice to hand off an assignment and know that it will be taken care of with little management on our side. As this is a high profile project with our top customer, it’s important to me that Gilding and Co represents our company in the best light possible as they are in essence an extension of our team.  In addition, Gilding and Co have been instrumental in helping us find ways to improve upon our current process by listening to our needs and recommending new ways the project can be approached.
    Denise Scarpelli - International Sr. Marketing Manager Legrand North America
  • “I have engaged Gilding&Co on several company improvement projects where I have required specialist Microsoft Excel support to develop automated solutions for time consuming tasks that are manually completed in Excel by company managers.     Typical tasks include manual manipulation of data or development of bespoke reports that can take the management team many hours each month to create.  Using automated templates developed by Gilding&Co, these tasks can be reduced to minutes and free up valuable management resource. The cost effectiveness of the solutions can produce a very attractive ROI and have proved highly effective at improving efficiency and reducing the cost of wasted time in a company.  I would highly recommend Gilding&Co as a partner”
    Christian Cranfield-Project Director CC Consultants Ltd
  • "When I needed expert help to build an Excel analysis tool, which would generate high quality reporting output, I had no particular views on which supplier I would choose to support me with this. I made contact with three companies and within 24 hours it was already quite clear to me that Gilding & Co were the team I wanted to work with. They were friendly, approachable, well-informed and entirely professional and within this short space of time (while I was still fielding technical questions from one other supplier and had not yet managed to connect with the third) had given me confidence that they both understood my business requirement and could deliver this for me at reasonable cost and within my deadlines. This impression was absolutely borne out as they worked to complete my project. The questions they asked and points raised along the way were always thought-provoking and helpful, they were both highly responsive and extremely patient as my specifications evolved, and have delivered a fantastic end-product with which I am delighted."
    Katherine Thomas - Director Emmanuel Gobillot
  • "We were looking for experts on producing bespoke excel packages and we definitely found them.From the beginning I found Gilding and Company great to work with as they patiently asked questions to work out what we precisely wanted. I knew, vaguely what we wanted to achieve but through their thorough approach they helped me clarify how I wanted the package to work. At each step of the way they showed us the progress made and checked if we were on the right lines and asked if we had any further comments or suggestions. We are delighted with the end product and it does exactly what we wanted it to do. We can now confidently demonstrate with the package the progress our children make through the Early Years Foundation Stage. During our recent OFSTED inspection, during which  we were judged to be outstanding in all areas, the Inspector commented favourably to us on how useful the package was. Many, many thanks and I really recommend you to anyone else who is looking to develop an excel package which is exactly tailored to their needs."
    Joanne O'Raw - Headteacher Larkhill School


  • Comic Relief
  • Fleet Street Financial
  • Logical Vehicle Management
  • Mitie Business Services
  • Thomas Miller (P&I Europe) Ltd
  • Unilever

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